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Persian Dance and its forgotten history
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The Digital Revolution and The Future Cinema
Samira Makhmalbaf's Address at Cannes Festival, May 2000

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Bani E'temād, Rakhshān ( 1954 - )
One of the most distinguished Iranian film makers.

Beyzai, Bahram ( 1938 - )
One of Iran's most accomplished and respected directors and screenwriters.

Dowlatabadi, Zahra (? - )
A talented animator, producer & director

Hatami, Ali ( 1944 - 1996 )
Film Producer, Director, Screen Writer, Actor, costume designer ...

Kiarostami, Abbas ( 1940 - )
One of the best and celebrated filmmakers of our time ...

Kimiaei, Massoud ( 1941 - )
Generated another genre in Iranian popular cinema: the tragic action drama.

Majidi, Majid ( 1959 - )
A very talented filmaker of Iran's modern cinema.

Makhmalbaf, Mohsen ( 1957 - )
Film Producer, Director and Screen Writer.

Mehrjui, Dariush ( 1939 - )
A representative of generation of filmmakers who developed the Iranian cinema.

Milani, Tahmineh ( 1960 - )
A promissing feminist film maker in the Iranina cinema.