Cities of Iran

Bandar Abbas, The Capital of Hormozgan Province
A major fishing and commercial port in the middle of the Strait of Hormoz.

Bushehr, The Capital of Bushehr Province
Or "Bandar-e Bushehr" is a major fishing and commercial port on the Persian Gulf.

Damqan, A city in Semnan Province
With 7,000 years history, is located 360 km northeast of Tehran.

Esfahan, The Capital of Esfahan Province
City of Architecture, and Persians called it "Nesf-e-Jahan", means "Half The World".
Pictures of Esfahan

Hamadan, The Capital of Hamadan Province
Situated on the slopes of Mount Alvand at the elevation of 1800 meters.

Kashan, In the province of Esfahan
It can be accounted as one of the archaic cities of Iran.
Pictures of Kashan

Kerman, The Capital of Kerman Province
On margin of Loot Desert and its construction is attributed to Ardashir I of Sassanid.
Pictures of Kerman and Arg-e Bam

Kermanshah, The Capital of Kermanshahan Province
One of the ancient cities of Iran constructed by Bahram of Sassanids 4th century CE.

Mashhad, The Capital of Khorasan Province
The most holiest city in Iran and its name means the burial place of a martyr.
Pictures of Mashhad

Rasht, The Capital of Gilan Province
A very important city in the Caspian Sea region.
Pictures of Rasht and Village of Masouleh

Ray (or Shahr-e Ray), in the south of Tehran
Ray dates back to the pre-Median era an used to be called "Rhagae".

Shiraz, The Capital of Fars Province
City of Kings, Poets, Flowers and Great Empires.
Pictures of Shiraz

Tabriz, The Capital of Eastern Azarbaijan Province
Aturpatgan and Azargoshnasp temple; The fire temple of the Kings of Iran.

Tehran, Greater Tehran or Tehran Bozorg
Tehran, the capital of Iran, is one of the largest metropolitans of the world.
Present Day Tehran
Pictures of Old Tehran
Map of Tehran's Metro
Metro of Tehran
Artistic Murals of Tehran's Metro Stations
Golestan Palace in Tehran
Sahebqaraniyeh Palace in Tehran

Yazd, The Capital of Yazd Province
Yazd is relax and surrounded by lots of desert, and has numerous historical sights.
Pictures of Yazd

Zahedan, The Capital of Sistan & Balochestan Province
A city near the borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan with a multi-tribal texture.

Zavareh, The ancient desert township
It is a township located at the northeast of Isfahan province next to the central desert area.