Persian Language & Literature

A Brief History of Persian Literature
From early Persian Language to revolutionary poets of 20th century.

The History of Female Storywriters
By: Hassan Mirabedini, 2005

Images of Women in Classical Persian Literature & the Contemporary Iranian Novel
By: Dr. Azar Nafisi, 2003

The Quest for the "real" woman in the Iranian novel: Representations of privacy in literature and film
By: Azar Nafisi, 2003

Phoenix From the Ashes: A Tale of the Book in Iran
By: Azar Mahloujian, 2002

Language of the Armies (Urdu: A Derivative of Persian and Avestan)
By: Dr. Samar Abbas, 2002

The Persian Novel
By: Houra Yavari, 2002

The Persian Short Story
By: Houra Yavari, 2002

The position of Zazaki among west Iranian languages You need Acrobat Reader to view this file, Please click on this icon to obtain it from the site of Adobe.
By: Dr. Ludwig Paul, 2002

Is Rumi what we think he is?
By: Massoume Price, 2002

Symbolism of women in Hedayat's "Blind Owl"
By: Massoume Price, 2001

Translation Movements in Iran; Sassanian Era, to Year 2000, Expansion, Preservation and Modernization
By: Massoume Price, 2000

The image of women in Iranian Islamic writing
By: Asad Seif, 1999

A Political Review of Iranian Contemporary Poetry
By: Mohammad Ali Ghazalsofli, 1998

Deserts in Persian Literature
By: Mahin Tajadod, 1994

A Mythological Glance at Demons in Ancient Iranian Literature
By: Mansour Yaqouti

History of Persian or Parsi Language
By: Fariborz Rahnamoon

Influence of Iranian Literature on Turkish Literature

Iranian art and poetry in the works of European poets
By: Farideh Motakef

Islam and poetry in Iran
By: Asad Seif

Persian Language
History and Origins of Persian (Farsi) and Dari-Persian language.
By: UCLA, Language Materials Projects

The Development of the Arts of the Book in Early Islamic Art of Persia
By: Dr. Mohammad Khazaie

Tahmasbi Shahnameh
By: Dr. Habibollah Ayatollahi

Akhavan Sales, Mehdi ( 1928 - 1990 )
One of the best contemporary Persian poets, particularly of modern style epics.

Al Ahmad, Jalal ( 1923 - 1969 )
A prominent Iranian writer, thinker and sociopolitical critic.

Alavi, Bozorg ( 1904 - 1997 )
A great name in Persian literature & Iranian political circuit.

Attar, Farid o-Din ( 1119 - 1220 CE )
One of the most mystic poets of Iran.

Baba Teher Oryan Hamadani ( ? - 1019 CE )
One of the most eminent mystics of his time.

Behbahani, Simin ( 1927 - )
A leading feminist figure in persian poetry.

Behrangi, Samad ( 1939 - 1968 )
The best known Iranian writer of children's stories.

Choubak, Sadeq ( 1916 - 1998 )
A writer sympathetic to the miseries of the downtrodden people.

Daneshvar, Simin ( 1921 - )
The most outstanding and famous woman writer of fiction in Persian literature.

Dehkhoda, Ali Akbar ( 1879 - 1956 )
Father of the monumental Persian Encyclopedic-Dictionary, "Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda".

Etesami, Parvin ( 1907 - 1940 )
One of the most famous woman in the history of Persian literature.

Farrokhzad, Forough ( 1935 - 1967 )
One of the most famous woman in the history of Persian literature.

Ferdowsi Tousi, Hakim Abul-Ghasem ( 935 - 1020 CE )
The greatest Persian poet, author of the Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings).

Golshiri, Houshang ( 1937 - 2000 )
Fiction writer, critic and editor.

Hafez Shirazi, Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad ( 1319 - 1389 CE )
He integrated wisdom and language in the form of mystical poetry.

Hedayat, Sadeq ( 1903 - 1951 )
The foremost short story writer of Iran.

Jami, Nour o-Din ( 1414 - 1492 CE )
He said "Ordinary human love is capable of raising man to the experience of real love".

Khayyam, Omar ( 1044 - 1123 CE )
The Astronomer- Mathematician- Philosopher- and Physician-Poet of Persia.

Molavi Rumi, Jalal-e-Din Mohammad ( 1207 - 1273 CE )
A great Sufi poet, Islamic and Tasawwof (Sufism) philosopher.

Moshiri, Fereydoon ( 1926 - 2000 )
Poet of love, peace, friendship and serving mankind.

Naderpour, Nader ( 1929 - 2000 )
A classic poet living in a modern world with a modern style.

Nezami Ganjawi ( 1141 - 1203 CE )
It seems that with every book he wrote, he gave a sacrifice.

Roudaki, Abdollah Jafar Ibn Mohammad ( 858 - 941 CE )
One of the first poets to use Persian after the Arab invasion.

Saadi Shirazi, Sheikh Mosleh al-Din ( 1200 - 1292 CE )
Poet, prose writer and thinker.

Sa'edi, Gholamhossein ( 1935/6 - 1985 )
Writer of fiction, dramatist and political activist.

Sepehri, Sohrab ( 1928 - 1980 )
One of the Iran's most celebrated contemporary poet; he was poet and painter.

Shamlou, Ahmad ( 1925 - 2000 )
Iran's most celebrated contemporary poet; journalist, playwriter and translator.

Yoshij, Nima ( 1896 - 1960 )
The Father of modern Persian poetry or she’r-e no ("new poetry").

Literary Works
Rubaiyat Khayyam ( Quatrains )
By: Omar Khayyam

Shahnameh ( The Epic of Kings )
One of the definite classics of the world, it tells kings and heros tales of ancient Persia.
By: Hakim Abul-Ghasem Ferdowsi Toosi

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Masnavi-e Manavi (1568 KB, in English)
By: Molana Jalal-e-Din Mohammad Molavi Rumi

The Bostan of Saadi (596 KB, in English)
By: Sheikh Mosleh al-Din Saadi Shirazi

The Golestan of Saadi (1570 KB, in English)
By: Sheikh Mosleh al-Din Saadi Shirazi